TRON Price Surges 10.64% as 500K USDD Shared by Top HackaTRON Projects

• The TRON DAO team on May 15 revealed the results for the HackaTRON Season 4.
• The top project will share 500,000 USDD, a TRON-based stablecoin.
• TRON’s price has risen by 10.64% over the last seven days due to this news.

HackaTRON Season 4 Results

The TRON DAO team on May 15 unveiled the results of the fourth season of their HackaTRON competition. There were 625 participants in 172 projects across different categories including DeFi, Web3, NFT, GameFi and Builder and Eco-Friendly categories. The top judge-selected projects in all the categories will now share 500,000 USDD, a TRON-based decentralized, over-collateralized, multi-chain stablecoin.

Prize Distribution

The first place in each of the selected categories receives 20,000 USDD, with second place holders receiving 15,000 USDD and third place receive 10,000 USDD. Fourth place holders will receive 8,000 USSD and fifth place holders 6,000 USDD. Furthermore those selected qualifiers will be given application accessibility to Huobi Ventures and TRON DAO Ventures for capital funding opportunities.

TRX Price Increase

The bullish breakout of TRX happened on March 20th after which it has maintained an upward trend since then as well as increasing by 10.64% over the last seven days due to this news from HackaTRON Season 4 results being released. This is expected to continue at least in the coming days with predictions of further growth in its value as well as other benefits that come with it such as application accessibility to Huobi Ventures and TRON DAO Ventures for capital funding opportunities available to those selected qualifiers from HackaTRON Season 4 competition winners sharing 500K USDD prize money amongst them.

DeFi & Web3 Categories

One of the main categories included was DeFi (Decentralized Finance). It is a blockchain-based financial system that operates independently without any central authority or middleman between two parties who are engaging in transactions on a blockchain network like Ethereum or Tron network where users can generate income through lending platforms or yield farming activities while also taking advantage of lower transaction fees compared to traditional finance systems compared to centralized banking systems such as banks or credit card companies etc… Other categories included were Web3 which focuses more on decentralization using blockchain technology along with non fungible token (NFT) & gamefi which uses blockchain technology for gaming applications where users can win rewards & prizes while playing games online similar to real life casinos but with no physical presence required at all times giving users more freedom from any sort of geographical restrictions when playing these games online etc….


To conclude this article; it is clear that TRX price has been increasing steadily since March 20th due to its successful completion of HackaTRON Season 4 Competition where qualified participants have been awarded 500K USDD prize money among them for qualifying under different categories such as DeFi ,Web3 , NFTs , Gamefi & Builder/Eco friendly etc which helped fuel this increase in its price further . This is expected to continue at least till some time in near future so investors should definitely keep an eye out for potential gains from investing into this cryptocurrency asset class!