KyberSwap Launches $ARB Token Pools, Liquidity Mining and Trading

• KyberSwap, a leading decentralized exchange and liquidity platform, is launching the first-ever $ARB token liquidity pools, liquidity mining, and trading campaigns on the Arbitrum Chain.
• Liquidity providers will have more opportunities to earn fees and rewards by adding liquidity to the $ARB pools and participating in liquidity mining programs by KyberSwap.
• KyberSwap is also introducing new 2% and 5% fee tiers, which will enable users to earn higher returns from their tokens.

KyberSwap Launches First Ever ARB Token Liquidity Pools

KyberSwap, a leading decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator and liquidity platform, recently announced plans to launch its first-ever $ARB token liquidity pools, liquidity mining, and trading campaigns on the Arbitrum Chain. This marks significant steps forward for KyberSwap as it seeks to catalyse significant inflows of liquidity into the rapidly growing Arbitrum ecosystem.

Eligible Users Can Receive ARB Airdrop

The project is set to distribute a new governance token – $ARB – to its eligible Arbitrum ecosystem users as part of its transition. The estimated date for this airdrop is 23 March 2023, with it being one of the biggest airdrops in crypto history. Protocols such as KyberSwap whose users bridged to Arbitrum and conducted swaps on the platform are now eligible for the $ARB Airdrop.

Liquidity Providers Have Many Opportunities To Earn

With the launch of these highly anticipated yield farms on KyberSwap, users will now have access to more trading pairs and increased options for providing liquidity. Moreover, liquidty providers can look forward to earning fees and rewards by adding liquidity into ARB pools as well as participating in various reward programs hosted by KyberSwap itself. The following ARB pool pairs are eligible for rewards: ARB-ETH (2%), Apr-ETH (5%), ARB-USDT (2%), ARB-KNC (5%). An estimated total of 70,000 KNC has been allocated for incentive rewards.*Incentives may continue after designation duration is over; yet be confirmed at later date.

New Fee Tiers Allow Users To Earn Higher Returns

To provide greater flexibility when it comes to earning potential from tokens held within their wallets or DEXs such as Kyberswap’s platform; they have introduced new 2% and 5% fee tiers that allow users access higher returns from their tokens than ever before possible/ available before this announcement was made publically known/ accessible by all interested parties involved with or wishing to partake in this potentially lucrative proposal/ offer/ opportunity outlined above mentioned herein priorly mentioned already so far already earlier today officially / officially announced just recently right now today right here right now currently currently ongoing at present time up until further notice etcetera etcetera ad infinitum ad nauseam


Kyberswaps launch of first ever $ARB token liqudity pools provides an exciting opportunity for users looking for enhanced earning potential from their crypto holdings or those who wish access increased options when it comes providing liquidty across multiple platforms or networks. With many incentives available such as attractive reward programs or attractive fee tiers; there are numerous ways investors can capitalize upon existing conditions within both traditional financial networks & cryptosystems alike!